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Long time!

Derek here. I felt the need to tease our blog a bit, it’s been left cold and lonely this winter. Here I am again, claiming that “Art Through the Ages” is in it’s final stages. And this time I mean it! We are recording the narrations today, once everybody wakes up from their slumber. After that, it’ll be mothafuckin’ viral bitches!

A lot went down this winter break. I spent a good portion of my time tearing up the h-town streets, seeing old friends and enemies. After New Year’s, we got away from the everyday hustle and bustle of city life and went out near Center, TX to our good friend Joe Peak’s lake house/lodge for a few days. These trips usually consist of whiskey, fire, and summer sausage. Here are some photos I took while out in the wilderness.

On our way back home, I received a call from an interweb friend of mine named Matt. Matt works with the community staff at Vimeo in NYC. Last year he wrote a small piece about us for the Vimeo blog. I had been asking him about possible internships with Vimeo for a while, and he was getting back to me with some fantastic news. I was in the running as a possible intern for 2011. The next day I had an over the phone interview with some Vimeo staffers, and a few days later I received an email confirming that I had got the internship! They move fast in the Big Apple. I am moving to NYC at the end of February to start my 6 month internship with Vimeo. With this news, I was promptly kicked out of Neko Neko. Goodbye forever. I hate you guys.

Keep an eye out for “Art Through the Ages” and some other dope stuff within the next month!




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Prominent Promo, Promising Porno

Happy Holidays Homies,

We may or may not have finished up the last shots for Indy Moguls “Art Through the Ages” or whatever it’s called.

Right now were in the final stages of editing. I’d say it’s about 92% finished, we should be releasing it within the next week. Our good friend and hardcore-new age grungemetal-caddywhomp rock and roller, Chris Rehm, is composing the score for the promo.

Also, we recently met up with the one and lonely, Brittany Maki, who works on the business side of Neko Neko. We dubbed her promotional manager at our last meeting. Since then she has been fired twice and rehired once… Our last couple meetings have been nonsensical chit-chats about this and that. We’re getting there, slowly but surely.

Cherish these next weeks folks, for they will pass swiftly.


Neko Neko

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Finishing Up In A Timely Manner

The right word could very well be “sluggish” or “lazy” or even “damnyouschool”. But nevertheless, here we are, at the end of October, finally getting close to finishing a minute long promo.

After shooting with fellow UT film student, David Bukstein, we’re down to two shots in our promo for Indy Mogul temporarily entitled “Art Through the Ages”

David made his unofficial acting debut with Neko Neko on Wednesday night. He is very involved in the UT Austin film world, but mainly works behind the camera as a director. Check out some of his work here.

We’ve got an extremely busy schedule drawn out for the next couple months. We will definitely be more prolific in the upcoming months. (*It’s a goal not a commitment)

So keep your eyes peeled and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!



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The First Show at NNASA!

We’re hosting our first show at our headquarters!  It’s going to be ever so sexy.

Hope you make it so I can dance inappropriately close to you.

For more info, check the FB Page:

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Capital Cine Forum Interview

Here’s an interview we did with Capital Cine Forum. There’s a good deal about our latest skit “BOINK”, so check it out if you haven’t seen it!

Also, if you’d like to watch the whole Capital Cine Forum episode, go here! (not a virus. we promise?)

Over and out and under and in,


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Capital Cine Forum Interview (Coming Friday)

Our good friends at TSTV’s Capital Cine Forum lined us up for an interview this week. They are premiering our latest skit “BOINK” on their show this Friday.

We answered a lot of random questions at the interview; most of them revolved around our diabolical plot to get to the moon and start our own colony. So watch out for that.

Keegan (one of the leading producers at CCF) showed me an awesome picture that their artist Xinyue drew for the show! Check it out below.

We really enjoyed the hell out of this drawing. Thank you Xinyue, where ever you are.

Watch out for Capital Cine Forum this Friday at 9pm! Channel 16 on TWC (Channel 9 in the UT dorms).

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Finally BLESSED by something!

You guys, holy crap you guys.  We were editing a super close up shot of a rock for our caveman/greek artist movie when we found A PICTURE OF JESUS’S FACE IN THE ROCK.

Do you believe?

Filming today was the quickest set yet, so we’re pretty sure this is really God right here.

For your viewing pleasure,

Here’s where we filmed today, a small island in the middle of the Evrotas river, near the spring at Pellana, on the Peloponnese Island in southern Greece.  It was pretty cool I guess.

JP, just p-in.  Its Redbud Island in Austin, TX.

Your Patron Saint,

St. Nekonian

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