Script for “Boink”

So a few people have been asking us how we did some of the shots in our last skit, “Boink.”  Well folks, a magician never reveals his tricks.  Which sucks for him, cause he doesn’t get to do this:

Here’s all the planning we did for the entire skit

Other than that it was a tripod, some tricky editing, and Derek yelling at no one for two hours.  And a green screen.  Just a little one.

There, now do you feel better?  Are you glad that I shattered the illusion and magic of the medium so you can know how Derek played fake checkers with himself?  Can you rest easy now, knowing our secret tricks?  I’m glad you feel better, because you’ve ruined yet another skit for the more innocent and less inquisitive viewers.

Also we have a real transmorgrifier gun.

Definitely not,

Harris0n Smith


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  1. attilie

    LOVE THIS BLOG!!! keep it up!

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