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Long time!

Derek here. I felt the need to tease our blog a bit, it’s been left cold and lonely this winter. Here I am again, claiming that “Art Through the Ages” is in it’s final stages. And this time I mean it! We are recording the narrations today, once everybody wakes up from their slumber. After that, it’ll be mothafuckin’ viral bitches!

A lot went down this winter break. I spent a good portion of my time tearing up the h-town streets, seeing old friends and enemies. After New Year’s, we got away from the everyday hustle and bustle of city life and went out near Center, TX to our good friend Joe Peak’s lake house/lodge for a few days. These trips usually consist of whiskey, fire, and summer sausage. Here are some photos I took while out in the wilderness.

On our way back home, I received a call from an interweb friend of mine named Matt. Matt works with the community staff at Vimeo in NYC. Last year he wrote a small piece about us for the Vimeo blog. I had been asking him about possible internships with Vimeo for a while, and he was getting back to me with some fantastic news. I was in the running as a possible intern for 2011. The next day I had an over the phone interview with some Vimeo staffers, and a few days later I received an email confirming that I had got the internship! They move fast in the Big Apple. I am moving to NYC at the end of February to start my 6 month internship with Vimeo. With this news, I was promptly kicked out of Neko Neko. Goodbye forever. I hate you guys.

Keep an eye out for “Art Through the Ages” and some other dope stuff within the next month!




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