Script for “Boink”

So a few people have been asking us how we did some of the shots in our last skit, “Boink.”  Well folks, a magician never reveals his tricks.  Which sucks for him, cause he doesn’t get to do this:

Here’s all the planning we did for the entire skit

Other than that it was a tripod, some tricky editing, and Derek yelling at no one for two hours.  And a green screen.  Just a little one.

There, now do you feel better?  Are you glad that I shattered the illusion and magic of the medium so you can know how Derek played fake checkers with himself?  Can you rest easy now, knowing our secret tricks?  I’m glad you feel better, because you’ve ruined yet another skit for the more innocent and less inquisitive viewers.

Also we have a real transmorgrifier gun.

Definitely not,

Harris0n Smith


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The Caveman.

We filmed a scene for Indy Mogul’s “Art Through the Ages” last Friday. Talib (T for short), our great friend and member of the Skanky Possum household, played the role of a neanderthal creating some of the very first art. Although his handy pint of whiskey broke upon arrival, he was still able to get into character.

Meanwhile, Jono fought some kid at the park. He was a courageous youngster with a fiery heart.

Afterwards, the mythical Roman Crawford joined up with us and we got tacos down at Wahoo’s on So Co. A successful(ish) day of shooting!

Also here is a creepy cat video:

That I made.



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New Skit “BOINK” !

Here is our ode and adaptation to Calvin and Hobbes.

We put “BOINK” together real quick this week. It spawned from a spontaneous string of jokes that we eventually realized was a Calvin and Hobbes strip. If you’re confused, buy and read “Scientific Progress Goes ‘BOINK'”. Both the duplicator strip and one of the time machine strips can be found somewhere in there. (The Transmogrifier Gun is from a different book.)

I think we can all safely say “Thank you Bill Watterson, you are a genius.”

This has been an update from the Neko Neko Aeronautics and Space Administration. (To the Moon!!!)

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Mozart? New Releases (almost)

Guten Tag!

It’s been a busy week at the NNASA house. We’ve been writing, filming, editing, and straight chillin’. On Monday Harrison and I finished filming the new skit possibly related to Calvin and Hobbes. It’s about 94% finished, we’re about to do a couple final edits and then throw that bitch on the interweb.

Later that night we filmed part of the “Art Through the Ages” promo for Indy Mogul. It’s taking longer than we expected but it’s getting done (and looking luscious).  Here’s Jono Foley as a Mozart-esq character:

I think this was the first time we ever used a green screen since Tupint: “Like This”. That was 6 years ago. We were also using three UT lights, which were hot like fire or soup.

Anyways look out for a new skit, most likely tomorrow! Nice chit chatting with you computer blog thing.


Derek (and the Nekonauts?)

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1/2 Calvin & Hobbes, ABC, NNASA

We started to film our official homage to Calvin & Hobbes “Scientific Progress Goes ‘BOINK’ “. We’re halfway done! It was a pretty small shoot, just Jono on camera with Harrison and I  actoring (along side Charles Xavior III – who is playing Hobbes) I would say it will be up before Friday? Charles and I are pictured below.

Here’s a little randomness, I made some quick cash as an extra in ABC’s “My Generation” (Coming out this fall? Maybe?) It was a comical experience. I basically got there at 11:30 AM, went to “wardrobe” and then sat in an ice cold room for 3 1/2 hours. Eventually we were taken onto a set of a high school hallway, it was actually pretty impressive. A couple times I forgot we were on a set in a dark warehouse. And forgot who I was, and what I was doing on this planet, but then I remembered. Anyways, I basically walked up and down the hall with 30 other robots. I clocked out at 8 pm, and was sort of exhausted from chatting with a a few lovely people and  a lot of terrible narcissistic arses.

We got a big day of filming tomorrow for “Art Through the Ages”. We’re getting back into the groove of things.

Last thing – we officially named our house NNASA yesterday. We had been looking for a good name to suit us and our home for a while and Neko Neko Aeronautics and Space Administration was our favorite. For short, Nasty NNASA. To the moon!



“Well frankly my Derek, I don’t give a damn” – Jono Foley


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We filmed. With someone else!

Saturday evening, Trevor and I got a call from a kid named David about acting in a Nerf Commercial he was shooting for their video contest.  Apparently we met David at a Skanky Possum party sometime back and talked shop about film and the like.  It was one of those hazy evenings, and all I remembered was that a kid named David was gonna open a smoothie shop and call it “David: King of the Juice”

Well apparently David has a better memory than me, and gave us a rang when he needed a James Bond-ish character and a scientist for his shoot.  I said sure, and so did Trevor.  (Derek was busy and Jono would only do it “for a lot of money”)

The four hour shoot quickly turned into a ten hour shoot, but it was fun working on a fairly big set and NOT being the director, writer, cameraman AND actor for once.  As far as I know, this is one of the only times that a Nekonian has appeared in a non-nekonian video (except of course Jono in Biggie G and Derek in Indy Mogul’s “Avatar Hangover” parody) It was certainly a first for me, and it was super awesome finding out what its like to take direction and help someone else realize their vision.  Definitely looking forward to working more with David, as well as Ricky, Michael, and James, the other hands on set.

So anyway Neko Neko is actually beginning to take advantage of the massive independent film culture here in Austin… should be fun.


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More Decaying Footage: “The Life of HHS”

Here is another piece of footage from the 175 tape Neko Neko Archive. This took place in 9th grade, it is entitled “The Life of Harrison Hill Smith”. In it we manage to document Harrison’s life in 25 seconds. Or maybe not, I really have no clue what we we were doing.

Also, I wanted to share this photo of us working on some Neko Neko stuff last year. It’s hard work.

Neko Neko Office Work

We got a long line of filming this month/year/decade. But we’re on top of it.



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